• Gary Blehm, Penman

Origins of PENMEN™ Comics

In 1977 Gary Blehm sat in a one room school house near Aspen, Colorado. He was drawing instead of working on his 5th grade studies. He was drawing the earliest versions of what would publish as PENMEN™ in another twelve years. Then, as if he had stumbled upon a pot of gold, young Gary stood up from his desk looking at what he had just drawn. There it was. That large half moon shaped grin that has become known the world over. He had drawn it in his English text book so he sat down quickly and tore the corner from the page containing his new cartoon character. He later explained in a television interview that he was afraid someone would copy his "little character".

In the photo Gary is showing his mother his first "Find Two Identical" poster that still hangs in the PENMEN™ Studio. By the 1990's Blehm was encouraging kids in motivation optimism speeches to students in Colorado schools. He told kids to "Do What You Like to Do" and "Be Positive and Follow Your Dreams".

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